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(Currently Disbanded - 2008) 

                              SEMPER FI !

Chapter 4 of the Marine Corps Mustang Association welcomes everyone and anyone to attend our meetings at the Jolly Roger Resturant in Oceanside Harbor on the third Friday at 1100.  We would have any and all Mustangs in the area and we especially would like Mustang Widows to join in.  We have many Mustang wives attend our meetings and they keep us in line.  The Jolly Roger resturant has excellent lunches at reasonable prices.

                          (SO YOU-ALL COME)


President                       Anthony Perez

1st Vice President         Jacob W. Hughes Jr

2nd Vice President        Lupe Cano

Treasurer                        Billy Shahan

Chaplain                         Dave Marvin


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President                        Mark C. Blaydes

1st Vice President         George B. Meegan

Secretary                         Don Mosley

Treasurer                         Sue Haley


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President                            Jack Paxton

1st Vice President               (vacant)                 

2nd Vice President





(Currently disbanded)