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President:  Don Davis

First VP:  Joe Chiles 

2nd VP:  Jack Skelding

Secretary and Treasurer: Pat Kraft


POC is Don Davis at email.  Phone is (321) 978-5147

The Florida Mustang Association is looking for new members. Our organization meets no more than twice a year and there are no dues.  The Florida Mustangs sustains itself with local raffles at our events and occasional Golf outings.  We actively support the Annual MARCENTCOM USMC Ball in the Tampa, Florida area and also hold our annual meeting where we elect next year's Officers on that same weekend. We are always on the lookout for new members. If interested please contact me at the above email and/or telephone number and I will get back to you with an application. 

Semper Fidelis!



President                       Mark C. Blaydes - (Retired)

Vice President               George B. Meegan

2nd Vice-President        John Culver    

Secretary                       Ms. Cindey Blaydes

Treasurer                       Jim Geiser - (Retired)

Chaplain                         N/A

Business Manager          N/A 

The Desert Mustangs of Arizona began with a Steering Committee meeting at the Franciscan Grande Resort in Casa Grande, AZ, on March 1, 1994.  Under the leadership of Sid Spurgeon, other committees were established, a Charter from National was granted, and our first official meeting was held a few months later at the same resort on June 4, 1994.

Because we are a State Chapter, it was important that all Mustangs across the State of Arizona feel included, so it was written into the Chapter By-Laws that of the three minimum meetings in a year that all take place in a different geographical area of the State.  Currently, we hold our first annual meeting around February (Valentine’s Day in honor of our Ladies) in the Phoenix area, our second in May in Tucson or Casa Grande areas, and the last meeting in November around the Marine Corps Birthday in Yuma.

Our two main programs to date are providing Bingo for the Arizona Veterans Home in Phoenix several times a year and supporting the Marine Corps JROTC programs in the State with a Leadership Plaque at the end of their school year.  We have done other programs also, such as collecting small toiletries for Veterans at the hospital and knitting caps for those undergoing surgeries.

To provide the funding for the programs above and administrative costs, we have a $20 annual dues fee to belong in the Chapter.  One must also belong to the National organization to be a member of the Arizona Chapter.

Anyone interested may contact any of the following:

Mark Blaydes    520-840-1249                            Tucson, Casa Grande area                                                                                                                        
George Meegan                            Phoenix area

Don Mosley                                                         Yuma area

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Roger Standfield, Col, USMC (Retired)
1st Vice President       Jacob Hughes Jr
2nd Vice President      Lupe Cano        951-698-0529
Treasurer                      Billy Shahan      760-942-2909
Chaplain                       Dave Marvin      760-721-0813
Liaison Officer             Ray Kunkle        949-492-0105 


The Camp Pendleton Mustangs chapter meets every third Friday of the month at the Jolly Roger Restaurant located in Oceanside. Meeting time is 11:00 am. Sometimes we vote to have our meeting at Camp Pendleton Pacific Views (old SNCO & ‘O’ Club). Our chapter has gone from 36 members/associates to about 26. Our meeting has become more of a social for the old-timers. We try to sponsor a chapter Mother’s Day Luncheon, and also a BBQ in August. We also try to donate to various Veteran groups in the local area, but with the lack of members dropping out, getting sick, etc. our funds are small and limit what we can donate. There are a few members that represent the chapter by attending Memorial Day Observance, Veterans Day, held in Oceanside and San Diego but the reality is it is getting harder for those getting older and health problems.

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