Membership Eligibility

Membership shall be open to Marines who, after having served on active duty in the enlisted ranks of the Marine Corps, or Marine Corps Reserve, have risen to the officer ranks and served as commissioned or warrant officer in the United States Marine Corps. This has also been extended to Marines and former Marines who have; risen from the enlisted ranks of another service and received an officers commission or warrant in the Marine Corps, or Enlisted in the Marine Corps and received a commission or warrant in another service.

Membership is open to active duty, reserve, retired and honorably discharged Marines.

They are, and shall evermore be known as "MUSTANGS"...


Are you eligible to be a Marine Corps Mustang?

JOIN NOW and you will receive a one-year membership in the Marine Corps Mustang Association

Download, print, and complete the Membership Application or contact the MCMA Business Manager for assistance at 1 (703) 349-0873.

Semper Fidelis!

Membership Designations

Charter members are the 183 members whose applications, first years dues, and initiation fees were received and were accepted into membership during the 60 day enrollment period held during October, November, and December of 1985 (Designated by Mbr# C-0 thru C-182).

Regular members are those qualified members whose applications for membership were received and accepted subsequent to January 1, 1986 (Designated by Mbr# R-183 and above).

Upon application, associate membership may be conferred upon the widow or widower of a Marine Mustang who was a member or eligible for membership at the time of his/her death. Associate members shall pay dues as Regular Members, and shall have all the privileges of membership, except the right to vote in National elections or to hold a National Office or Directorship (Designated by Mbr# W-1 thru W-"NNN").

Honorary membership may be conferred upon a distinguished person. The Board of Directors shall confer or revoke honorary membership by majority vote. Honorary members shall have all the privileges of membership, except the right to vote, hold a National Office or Directorship (unless otherwise qualified), and shall be exempt from dues (Designated by Mbr# H-1 thru H-"NN").

Life Membership may be awarded or granted to any member who meets the criteria established by the Board of Directors from time to time.  There is no paid "Life Membership" option at this time.

Annual Dues

$40.00 for the first year and $35.00 each year thereafter.
After the first year, extended membership is available for
3 years at $90.00.  Pay by check or credit card via this website.
**There is no "Life Membership" at this time.

Renewal Reminders will be sent via the Mestengo and email.

New Members Receive:

  • A Certificate of MCMA Membership
  • An MCMA Individual Membership card
  • Access to MESTENGO Newsletters (on-line)
  • Access to the Membership Directory (on-line)
  • Eligibility to join any/all MCMA Chapters
  • Invitation to attend the Annual "Mustang Muster"
  • The right to vote in all Mustang Association elections
  • The opportunity to purchase the "Mustang Plaque", and many other
    specialty items exclusively manufactured with the MCMA Logo
  • The opportunity to serve your Mustang Association in various capacities

How To Apply

Click the On-Line Application or, go to "MEMBERS AREA" at top of this page and select "LOG-IN".  Select "MARINE CORPS MUSTANG ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION."  Fill out the application form and submit.  If you would like to pay the Membership Fee online, press the "PAY NOW" button below the online application form.

EMAIL:  You may request an application by sending an e-mail to the Business Manager.

WEBSITE: Download the pdf membership application from the highlighted link below, complete the application (print clearly please), and mail it to address provided at the bottom of the application.  Include your first-year membership dues in the form of a $40.00 check made payable to “MCMA”. 

APPLICATION - (Membership Application Download)

Mail application to:

Marine Corps Mustang Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 190
Quantico, VA 22134-0190

If you have any questions about the application process or anything else, please call the MCMA Business Manager at 1 (703) 349-0873.  

NOTE:  If no answer, please speak clearly and leave your name and phone number TWICE, and the Business Manager will return your call first chance possible.