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Desert Mustangs2021 Winter Newsletter

"Marines Fear Only God No Others"
Desert Mustangs
2021 Winter Newsletter

As we end another year, we need to give thanks for our blessings amongst all the troubles of the past year. One of the troubles we need to remember is the passing of Iva Spurgeon wife of founding member Sod Spurgeon and the need for Sid to enter a memory rehabilitation facility.
Iva was a stalwart member who aided Sid and the chapter in its founding and development. So, we say Farewell, may she have gentle seas and fair winds.

November 10th saw the Blaydes, Mosleys, Meegans, Corneliuses, Carol Houggard and a guest Mustang Nicholas Knight, gather together for a short meeting and to celebrate the 264th Birthday in Yuma. In the past, we normally gathered together for the MCAS's Birthday Parade. But this year the Secretary of the Navy cancelled all gatherings of this type because of Covid.

The meeting utilized standard business procedure: Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved, which had been held by a /conference call. The treasurer’s report was read and approved. NOTE: A copy can be procured from Jim Geiser at Jimsilverbell@gmail.com.
The Vice President then related the status of. A) Sponsorship of MCJROTC units. B) Bingo sponsorship at the AZ State Veterans Home in Phoenix. C) Schools sponsored: Casa Grande, Vista Grande, Coolidge, Kofa (Yuma), Westview (Avondale).

NOTE: Sponsorship consists of a plaque and $100 cash to the outstanding cadet selected by the unit. Cost to the chapter is $145 per school. Sponsors are always needed and as a reminder that chapter dues are the only income the chapter receives, so if you can sponsor a school, it would be most appreciated.

The senior instructors for these units are as follows: Casa Grande - Major Robert Sherwood; Vista Grande - PHD CWO-3 Tyrone Hill; Coolidge - Lt. Col. Richard Callahan; Kofa - Major Todd Bierney; and Westview - Captain Frank Cardoza. All of which have expressed interest in joining the association and the chapter. However the pressure of their duties has precluded in some cases from joining at this time. They have indicated they will be coming on board in 2022.

Membership is still a continuing problem for both National and the Chapter. Factors that affect us are age of members, personal business, recruitment of active duty personnel who in recent years have been frequently deployed and the lack of interest from the latter group. We are constantly seeking Mustangs from throughout the state and will continue to do so. As a reminder, meetings are held four times a year: February - Phx/Scottsdale area; May - Coolidge/Casa Grande; August - National Muster designated by National; November - MCAS Yuma.

It is the goal of the chapter to cover the state from Tucson to Yuma , i.e. Phx/Scottsdale, Tucson/Sierra Vista , Green Valley, Prescott/Flagstaff. So if you live in one of these areas aid us in seeking new Mustangs who may live near you. Meetings sites have been: VFW Posts on Scottsdale, Casa Grande and local restaurants over the years.

The next meeting scheduled in February is in a flux for location and we will either be together as a group or as a Conference Call as last held. Once the location and type of meeting to be held is determined, notification will be published no later than the 1st of January.
An election was held over the past few months via mail. Results are as follows: President - Mark Blaydes (2 Yrs); Vice President - George Meegan(1 Yr) ; Treasurer - Jim Geiser(2 Yrs); Secretary - Cindey Blaydes(1 Yr)

As noted on certain locations, certain members have headed our platoon structure: Yuma - Don Mosley; Phx/Scottsdale - John Culver and
George Meegan. We need members to step forward and head up Tucson (including Green Valley/Sierra Vista) or Prescott/Flagstaff.
Good of the Chapter: We are sure you the members are maximizing your health by being vaccinated. We know too that one's health is a personal matter but we are concerned nonetheless.

Following the short business meeting, a talk was presented by our Guest, Lt. Col. Nicholas Knight on "Memories," a timely subject at this time of the year. We then held the traditional cake cutting ceremony. Meeting closed with the following saying:"May the road rise up to meet your feet and may gentle winds be at your back until we meet again.

Addendum: A new AZ State Veterans Home is nearing completion in Yuma and in anticipation Frak Cornelius suggested that we gather the following for the residents; socks, underwear, toiletries, etc. Once date of completion is received, notification of repository location for items will be published and who is the designated manager of the project.

Special Note: Two Mustang members recently have been honored:

Jim Geiser was honored at a recent ASU football game for his work on commemorating Veteran ASU graduates from throughout its history.
George Meegan was also honored by having an article published in the January 2021 issue of the Leatherneck magazine, article entitled
"Mustangs of the Corps,"

If you have any questions or corrections, please contact me at gbmeegan@cox.net or cell phone 480-765-1466
Semper Fi
George Meegan