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New Membership Renewal Process

Greetings Fellow Mustangs,

For many of you, it’s time to renew your membership in YOUR organization, the Marine Corps Mustang Association.

We have added a “Membership Renewal” page to our MCMA website. This makes it much easier for you to renew your membership when needed.

Simply go to https://MarineCorpsMustang.org/Membership-Renewal/ and select “Current Member” and follow the easy step-by-step instructions to renew your membership for one to three years.

**** NOTE:  Renewing your dues BEFORE the expiration date is easier and prevents you from having to fill out the complete application to renew. ****

If you are a current member and have forgotten your password, click the link “forgot your password”, and a new one will be sent to the email address we have in the database. 

If you do not receive your new password, it’s probably caused by one-of-three reasons.  1. You may have a new email address that we don’t have in the database, 2. The password reset email may have went to your spam or junk folder or, 3. Your membership has lapsed and needs to be renewed.

If it’s due to a new email address, please let me have your current email address and I’ll update the membership database with that new email to allow you to log into your account.

If you do not wish to renew online, you may download the membership form HERE and return it to the Business Manager with a check for $35.00 for one year or $90.00 for three years.

URGENT NOTE TO ALL:  We have discovered that much of our membership database is outdated for mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for our membership, making it difficult for us to keep you update on the news of the organization.   Please help us keep you informed and provide us your current contact information as soon as possible.  

Semper Fidelis!

James R. Casey

Business Manager

Marine Corps Mustang Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 190

Quantico, VA 22134-0190

Office: (703) 349-0873



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