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Short Message From The President

A Short Open Message to Mustang Association Member and families


Because of the tidal wave of information, advice and speculation coming at you from all directions related to the global Corona-Virus pandemic I have quietly waited to determine what, if anything, I needed to say to you, our most valued members. I am not an expert on any of these threats, protective measures or solutions. 


I am, however, a member just like you with a family, community responsibilities, and bills to pay, personal domestic demands, personal health monitoring, etc. What you all face in the current medical environment across this country, and across the world for that matter is almost unprecedented in our lifetimes. We all worry about our larger family and neighbors and community’s survival. Individually, we can change very little and must rely on a dedicated reaction from skilled medical personnel at all levels supported by every one of us in whatever manner it is deemed useful. Opportunities will arise to care for yourselves and others in some way and each situation will require individual reactions. 


We simply want you all to know that we are not asleep at the switch within the leadership of the MCMA. We certainly care deeply about you as individuals and families and wish you well. Every case is different and I have no ‘solution’ because this way above my pay grade and that applies to most of our fellow citizens. I reach out to you with fervent prayers for a good outcome in health, physical survival, economic survival, and a better world overall, quickly.


We hope all this blows over long before our Muster in August and we look forward to seeing as many members as possible in Arlington. We’ll be doing our part to restore confidence in our country and its economy.


Thoughts are with you all with great respect and affection for all members and families.

Semper Fidelis



Joe Featherston,

President, Marine Corps Mustang Association