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Welcome to our Mustang Association

To all visitors to our association web site, a warm welcome.

Our professional and social association is nearing the 36th anniversary of our founding in 1985 on the 210th anniversary of our Corps on 10 November 1775, a most appropriate date. We became an association in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Corps and have been fully engaged over the past 36 years.

The association was founded to memorialize the significant accomplishments and contributions of individual officers that began with enlisted services in the United States Marine Corps or Marine Corps Reserve. These men and women have had important impact on Corps operations in both combat and peace-time duties and have been recognized by national leadership many times.

We exist to perpetuate social camaraderie, professional mentorship of younger officers and enlisted Marines aspiring to join the officers ranks and assume higher levels of responsibility. Nearly four thousand men and women have joined the association aware that we value their contributions to both Corps and country and offer an archival ability to document their service.

If you are a former enlisted Marine and have been noted, selected and promoted to the officer ranks in the Marine Corps of any of our other military services, you ARE a Mustang! We welcome your interest in joining us and coming aboard. 

Semper Fidelis

Joe Featherston
President, Marine Corps Mustang Association