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2022 Officer and Directors Elections

The MCMA continually needs new leaders with the motivation and dedication to reinforce our survival as the term of current Officers and Directors comes to a close. This is your opportunity to take a more active role within MCMA by being a part of the leadership team responsible for continued growth and sustainment. All positions are for a 3-year term, are not full-time positions, and only require your time and energy as available. All routine business is conducted by email, quarterly conference calls and the annual membership meeting. In addition, there are 'turnover' jackets in place to help the transition of new officers and board members. Election results and swearing in of new officers will be held at this year's annual Muster in Washington, D.C., 4 - 7 August 2022. 

We will hold an election for President and two Directors.

Position powers and duties are outlined in the ByLaws which can be found in the members area of our website at www.MarineCorpsMustang.org. The process for submitting for an officer or director position is below:

* A candidate must be a current/paid member in good standing

* A candidate must be cognizant of the position description and willing to discharge the duties to which elected

* Candidates must submit a 125 word (or less) statement to the position they seek including information on the candidate's willingness to serve accompanied by a recent photo. Email the statement and photo to BusinessMngr@MarineCorpsMustang.org, no later than June 1, 2022.

* Ballots for elections will be forthcoming via the MCMA website and/or email.