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2022 Annual Members Meeting

Fellow Mustangs,

I am writing you this letter as the Association is in desperate, maybe I should say, dire need of its members to not just pay dues every few years, but to actually step-up, be more active and participate in the Association. The Association is on the brink of folding its tent and riding off into the sunset after 37 great years. As you are all aware, the Association President position will be open this year as Joe Fetherston is stepping down after many many years of service (37 to be exact) to you and the Association. Not one member came forward and threw their name into the hat for the position. Under normal circumstances, when this happens Section 7-01.(3) of the Bylaws would apply and states "(If the office of any Officer becomes vacant the Board of Directors shall fill the office by a majority vote of the remaining members." In this instance, the Vice Presiden would be voted in as President. However, on 12 July 2022 our current Vice President submitted his resignation.

What does this mean? It means at the conclusion of this year's Muster Membership meeting, being held on the 6th of August, the positions of both President and Vice President will be empty! The Marine Corps Mustang Association cannot function and be run by the two remaining Officers, the Association Secretary and Treasurer.

It is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL that you attend the Muster Membership meeting on the 6th of August 1400 - 1600 EST so that the future of the Marine Corps Mustang Association can be discussed, and a decision made as to how we go forward, or terminate and shut down ater 37 years. There are currently 18 Association Members attending the Muster in person. Please don't take that comment as any type of criticism. I get it. With gasoline costs, airline costs, hotel costs, etc., it's extremely difficult for many of you to attend. However, I implore you to make every attempt possible to attend the Muster Membership meeting via Zoom. We need you, your ideas, your opinions and your comments at this critical Membership meeting. I have provided the link to the Zoom call below. Yu can use Zom on your cell phone from wherever you may be at the meeting time, or on a tablet, laptop, desktop with an internet connection, just about anything that will allow you to download and install the app. NOTE: The app is not required for your computer, but is highly recommended for your mobile devices. The meeting will start around 1400 EST. Please put this date on your calendar NOW and make plans to attend! The future of our Mustang Association is at stake. We hope you will help us keep the Marine Corps Mustang Association alive and participate in the conversation to determine our future on 6 August 2022.

Semper Fidelis!
Ron Cookson
Secretary, Marine Corps Mustang Association

Meeting ID: 8475392 9032
Passcode: 086472